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JCPR August 2016

  1. Effect of Aging on Cognitive Function in INDIA.pdf [Click Here]
  2. Sex related differences in Hue Discrimination.pdf [Click Here]
  3. Cognivit functionng of Adolescent varying the exposure of different artistic extracurricular activities.pdf [Click Here]
  4. Effectiveness of individualised education programme to aquire self help skills.pdf [Click Here]
  5. Meta cognitive awareness and personality as predictor of creativity among young adults.pdf [Click Here]
  6. Life satisfaction A comparatve study of the urban and rural areas women victims of domestic violence.pdf [Click Here]
  7. A focus into job satisfaction A comparative psychosocial probe of selected correlates among the employees of marketing sector.pdf [Click Here]
  8. A compartive study of depressed and non depressed adults regarding coping styles and ego funtion.pdf [Click Here]
  9. Clinical facets of suicide contemplation among youths and their personality indicants.pdf [Click Here]
  10. Problematic internet use internet attitude and internet behavior amoung researchers.pdf [Click Here]
  11. Role of Self efficacy and family environment in regulating psychological wellbeing.pdf [Click Here]
  12. Anxiety and Defense Mechanism of nail biters.pdf [Click Here]
  13. Socially Mute.pdf [Click Here]
  14. Achievement motivation as a function of cognitive style.pdf [Click Here]
  15. Social Adjustment of Students.pdf [Click Here]
  16. Emotional maturity among engineering and medical students.pdf [Click Here]
  17. School Adjustement of Secondary School Students.pdf [Click Here]
  18. Emotional Intelligence of secondary school students.pdf [Click Here]
  19. Sress of College level students_Final.pdf [Click Here]
  20. Perceived Social Support, Gerotranscendence And Well-Being.pdf [Click Here]
  21. Gender and Faculty difference on personal stress among married research students.pdf [Click Here]
  22. Effectiveness of Applied Behaviour Analysis executed by parents inn early intervention program for children with Autistic features.pdf [Click Here]
  23. Emotional Adjustment among urban and rural students.pdf [Click Here]
  24. A study of Dissociative Indentity Disorder with special reference of gender and urban rural population.pdf [Click Here]
  25. Business Ethics 2.pdf [Click Here]

JCPR April 2016

  1. Adjustment and Social Support of B.Sc. college students in adelescents.pdf [Click Here]
  2. Awareness towards intellectual disability among college students.pdf [Click Here]
  3. Body image in relation to perceived stress and optimism in patients with skin diseases.pdf [Click Here]
  4. Disclosure patterns among HIV positive widows and associated social reactions.pdf [Click Here]
  5. Effect of organizational climate on occupational self-efficacy.pdf [Click Here]
  6. Emotional Intelligence and Mental Health of Youths.pdf [Click Here]
  7. Gender differences in adolescent personality and stressors of the situation.pdf [Click Here]
  8. Gender script of todays educated young adults.pdf [Click Here]
  9. Human trafficking A Psycho-social and theoretical perspective .pdf [Click Here]
  10. Mobile Addiction and Psychological wellbeing.pdf [Click Here]
  11. Moral Judgment among Firstborns and single children.pdf [Click Here]
  12. Pre-marital sexual anxiety among post graduate students.pdf [Click Here]
  13. Pre-marital sexual anxiety among post graduate students 8.pdf [Click Here]
  14. Relationship between solitude, emotional maturity, internalizaton of moral value, mindfulness and psychological wellbeing.pdf [Click Here]
  15. Rorschach cognitive profile of resilient young adults.pdf [Click Here]
  16. Self esteem and mental health among adolescent.pdf [Click Here]

JCPR December 2015

  1. Developing an Innovative Intervention Program for Depression Treatment [Click Here]
  2. Efficacy of Art Therapy for children with Cancer [Click Here]
  3. Neuropsychological Dysfunctions in Schizophrenia Patients [Click Here]
  4. Psycho-social factors influencing the lives of HIV positive widows [Click Here]
  5. Explicit teaching on reading strategies A pre-post design study on students with learning disabilities [Click Here]
  6. Social Support and Mental Health among Working Mothers [Click Here]
  7. Self Transcendence & Self Enhancement as predictors of Life Satisfaction among Married Female [Click Here]
  8. Spiritual health and psychosocial stress among adolescent [Click Here]
  9. Emotional Intelligence and Moral Decision Making Mediating Role of Occupational Stress [Click Here]
  10. Emotional Intelligence and Performance of 12th class Students [Click Here]
  11. Life satisfaction as a concept of Aging successfully [Click Here]
  12. Mental health and Adjustment of Youth [Click Here]
  13. Role of Coping Styles in Organizational Stress and Burnout [Click Here]
  14. Impact of Parental Involvement Residential Status & Education on Childrens Academic Achievement in Science [Click Here]
  15. Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Happiness among College Students [Click Here]
  16. Effect of Psychosocial Education on the Development of Identity among Adolescents [Click Here]

JCPR August 2015 [Click Here]

  1. Expressed Emotion and Coping Strategies in the Caregivers of Schizophrenia Patients [Click Here]
  2. Influence of Family types and Parental occupation on Self-Concept and Self-Esteem of adolescents [Click Here]
  3. Attitude towards Retirement among older Sports persons [Click Here]
  4. Subjective well-being and perceived loneliness in Transgenders [Click Here]
  5. Transformational Leadership Style as a Predictor of Crisis Management Skill: A Study on Correctional Officers of West Bengal [Click Here]
  6. The Psycho-social matrix of midlife crisis: An Indian perspective [Click Here]
  7. A Role of Biographical Variables in Cognitive Style among Adolescents [Click Here]
  8. A Co-relational study of Spiritual Intelligence and Mental Health of 12th Science’s Students [Click Here]
  9. The Special Ones at NAVJYOTI:Action research in field of special education- Introducing innovative techniques for assessment of special children [Click Here]
  10. A Review : Cognitive Impairments of Alcohol Dependent [Click Here]
  11. Social support and Psychological wellbeing of Cancer Patients [Click Here]
  12. A Study of Emotional intelligence among Senior Secondary Students [Click Here]
  13. Attitude of Teachers towards Teaching profession [Click Here]
  14. Effect Of Anxiety On Academic Performance Of First Year Commerce Students [Click Here]

JCPR April 2015 [Click Here]

  1. The Importance of Parental Wellbeing in Managing Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder [Click Here]
  2. Scientific Giftedness: Exploring the creativity correlates [Click Here]
  3. Internet usage habits of undergraduate students in Mumbai [Click Here]
  4. Enhancing Emotional Literacy among children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder through Cognitive Behavior Therapy [Click Here]
  5. Handedness, Footedness and and Familial Sinistrality Among Normal Individuals [Click Here]
  6. Workplace Spirituality and Employee Performance: Mediating Role of Organisation Citizenship Behaviour [Click Here]
  7. Life Satisfaction as a Parameter of Suicide among Youth [Click Here]
  8. Religious Attitude and Mental Health [Click Here]
  9. Spiritual well-being in Relation to Mental Health Among Junior College Students [Click Here]
  10. Cultural Typologies in Odisha: An empirical study [Click Here]
  11. A Study of Religiosity and Mental health among college students [Click Here]
  12. A Study of Modernization Among Hindu and Muslim Students [Click Here]
  13. Effect of stress on Mental Health among MSRTC Bus Driver & Conductors in Jalgaon District [Click Here]
  14. The Mental Efficiency of Male and Female Elderly in Aurangabad City [Click Here]
  15. Impact of Meditation on Mental Health [Click Here]
  16. Spiritual intelligence and Job-Satisfaction of Secondary School Teachers [Click Here]
  17. Occupational Stress of Government and Private Sector’s employees [Click Here]
  18. Impact of Spirituality on Stress [Click Here]
  19. Extracurricular activities and Academic performance of Secondary students [Click Here]
  20. Effect of Yoga on Self-Confidence [Click Here]
  21. Effect of Emotional Intelligence On Home, Health, Social, Emotional and Overall adjustment of High School Students [Click Here]
  22. Impact of Social support on the psychological wellbeing of people living with HIV in Aurangabad District [Click Here]
  23. A Comparative Study: Job satisfaction of Government and Non-Government Employees [Click Here]
  24. A Comparative Study of Adjustment and Emotional Intelligence among English and Marathi students [Click Here]
  25. Social Anxiety among Adolescents [Click Here]
  26. Educational Attitude among Adolescent Boys and Girls [Click Here]

JCPR December 2014 [Click Here]

  1. Yoga practices and Aggression: An Intervention Study [Click Here]
  2. Effect of Yoga on Academic and Achievement Stress of School Students [Click Here]
  3. Internet Addiction, Sport participation and Self-esteem of students [Click Here]
  4. Emotional Intelligence and Social Intelligence of Adolescence [Click Here]
  5. Prevalence of Childhood and Adolescent Behavioural Problems [Click Here]
  6. Happiness and Indian Personality Dimensions in CHD patients and normal people [Click Here]
  7. A Study on Marital Adjustment Among the High and Low Income Group Couples [Click Here]
  8. Emotional Intelligence and Academic Achievements of Higher Secondary Students [Click Here]
  9. Adjustment of The Secondary School Students Among Urban and Rural Area in Ahmedabad District [Click Here]
  10. Impact of Mobile on Student’s attention and academic performance [Click Here]
  11. Depression, Anxiety and Stress of College Students [Click Here]
  12. A Comparative study of Death Anxiety of Old Persons [Click Here]
  13. Effect of ICT on College Student’s Academic Performance [Click Here]
  14. Marital Adjustment of Working and Non-working women [Click Here]
  15. Anxiety Level and Job Satisfaction among Teachers of Secondary School [Click Here]
  16. The Influence of Mobility on Problem Solving Ability and Recall S.T.M. [Click Here]
  17. Study of Adjustment level of Government and Private Employees with Relation to Their Socio Economic Status [Click Here]
  18. Self Concept and General Wellbeing in Post Graduation Students of Psychology and Allied Social Sciences [Click Here]
  19. Self Confidence in Boys and Girls of Conventional and Management Courses [Click Here]

Review Articles

  1. Forensic Psychological Tools and its evidentiary value in INDIAN courts [Click Here]
  2. Increasing the Presence and Participation of Mentally Challenged 11 People in Community Life and Promoting Social Integration [Click Here]
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IJSSLS July 2016

  1. A Comparative Study of Insecurity among the Urban and Rural Areas.pdf [Click Here]
  2. A Comparative Study of General Wellbeing.pdf [Click Here]
  3. Adjustment of Colleger Students.pdf [Click Here]
  4. Effect of Technology in Education – Pros And Cons.pdf [Click Here]
  5. Cast Phallocentrisma and Feudalism in Mahaswetha Devi’s Rudali.pdf [Click Here]
  6. Things Fall Apart.pdf [Click Here]
  7. Kamaladas and her poetry.pdf [Click Here]
  8. Woman Empowerment.pdf [Click Here]
  9. Thematic Pattern in Steinbeck the grapes of wrath.pdf [Click Here]
  10. Yatharth Bodh Sankalp aur Swarup.pdf [Click Here]
  11. ઘાટલોડિયા વિસ્તારમા આવેલા શાળા ગ્રથાલયો અને ગ્રથપાલો દ્વારા વિદ્યાર્થીઓની વાચનટેવ.pdf [Click Here]
  12. એક પાત્ર બે નાટક તુલનાત્મક.pdf [Click Here]
  13. Hindi Kavy rachana me Prakruti Chitran.pdf [Click Here]
  14. સૌરાષ્ટ્ર યુનિવર્સીટી ગ્રંથાલયમાં ઉપભોક્તા શિક્ષણ.pdf [Click Here]
  15. વેડછી આશ્રમ ની રચનાત્મક પ્રવૃત્તિ.pdf [Click Here]
  16. એત્હાસિક સ્મારક દાંડી.pdf [Click Here]
  17. કચ્છના પરિપ્રેક્ષ્યમાં કણબી સમાજનું એક એત્હાસિક વિહંગાવલોકન.pdf [Click Here]
  18. અછૂતોના ઉત્થાનમાં દાદા મેકરણનું પ્રદાન.pdf [Click Here]
  19. સાંપ્રત સમસ્યાનું સમાધાન સંસ્કૃતમૂલ્યશિક્ષણ.pdf [Click Here]
  20. દ્વારકા અને સંઘર્ષ.pdf [Click Here]
  21. સ્ત્રી મતાધિકાર વૈશ્વિક સંદર્ભ.pdf [Click Here]
  1. IJSSLS July 2015 [Click Here]

IJSSLS Febuary 2015 [Click Here]

  1. Honour killing: its challenges, global concerns ans solutions [Click Here]
  2. Mental Health of Government Employees withRelation to their Gender [Click Here]
  3. Counselling and Psychotherapy [Click Here]
  4. Contribution of Home and School Environment [Click Here]
  5. વાલમિકિય રામાયણમાં રામની વેદના – મેઘદૂતમાં યક્ષની વેદના [Click Here]
  6. વાલમિકી રામાયણમાં વ્યાપાર યોજના [Click Here]
  7. ચિનુ મોદીના નાટકોમાં પુરાકલ્પન [Click Here]
  8. નારીચેતનાની સંકલ્પના [Click Here]
  9. Variety of Value Education in Higher Education [Click Here]
  10. સાહિત્યમાં મનોસંચલનોનુ આલેખન [Click Here]
  11. कच्छ की आहीर ज्ञांती : पर्यटन के सन्दर्भंमें [Click Here]
  12. રામેશ પારેખની કવિતામાં વિશ્વચેતના [Click Here]
  13. धारणाद धर्ममित्याहु: | [Click Here]
  14. સૌરાષ્ટ્રના પ્રાદેશિક ઇતિહાસ લેખનમાં ડોલરરાય માંકદનું પ્રદાન [Click Here]
  15. માધ્યમિક શાળાના વિધ્યાર્થીઑ માટે અશબ્દિક તર્કશક્તિ કસોટીની [Click Here]

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